Gina Taruscio

Campaign Updates

10/9/2021 -- Have you ever been caught so off-guard by someone that you stumble? If you’re human, and you’re reading this, I hope you can appreciate this story…and my correction of the record.


Last week I accepted an invitation from KRFP radio to talk with my friend Leigh Robartes about my candidacy for Moscow City Council.


I was sadly disappointed to be subject to baited questions about the city’s mask mandate.


Mr. Robartes caught me completely off-guard with a question framing non-masked citizens as “the rebellion” who are “spreading the disease and killing others!!”


Shocked by the question, I acknowledged that I’d never thought about his suggestion previously and proceeded to completely fumble an agreement with his extreme, outrageous, and distorted suggestion.


Again, I believe that masking and the Covid vaccination should be an INDIVIDUAL choice - government should not dictate, mandate, or force these on citizens. I will NOT vote in favor of any kind of mask mandate in the future, near or far.


Our community needs forthright communication, honesty, and healing now more than ever. I hope that you will join me in charting the way forward on November 2nd.

Upcoming Moscow
Election Dates

Oct 18 - Early in-person voting begins.

Nov 2 - Election day.